Transformation. Empowerment. Education. Healing.

Like the branches of a tree, our practitioners help you to blossom and grow.

Like the roots of a tree, they keep you grounded as you grow.​


Clara Diebold


    Clara Diebold began her Reiki training 18 years ago with John Harvey Gray, one of the original masters trained by Hawayo Takata. She has received advanced instruction from Lourdes Gray, a highly-respected Reiki teacher in New England, and Brian Brunius, who directs one of New York City’s most prominent Reiki centers. The Usui-Gray style of Reiki is one of the most traditional, intact, and thorough styles of Reiki.

    Clara is also trained in HBLU, which combines NLP and energy work to address the effects of trauma. She is a certified practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine and Jin Shin Jyutsu, methods which focus on balancing energy flows and structures to enhance health. Clara holds a master’s degree in counseling and has worked in education and human services for 30 years.

    Clara brings all of her experience and training into sessions, tailoring treatment to the needs of the client in each moment. Her primary principle is to be led by the client’s higher self and by Reiki energy in order to provide treatment that is gentle and effective

Sheila Peters

Energy Medicine & Dance

    Sheila Peters has been involved with helping people feel good about themselves for over 40 years. She began as a professional dancer and teacher where she encouraged students to find the joy in movement and find ways to authentically express themselves. Trained originally as a ballet dancer, Sheila began performing at age 18 with Concert Dance Co., MA, a modern dance company. She went on to study somatic techniques including Feldenkrais, Alexander, and myriad others while performing with dance companies on both the east and west coasts. Sheila was a founding member of the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance and taught at universities, private studios, and prep schools. She directed and founded her own schools and performing companies and choreographed for many other performing groups.

    Sheila realized that she had been practicing hands on healing work throughout her dance career and decided to devote the majority of her time to energy medicine to be able to help all people whether they danced or not. Sheila is an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and wingWave © coach, and holds a BA in Dance from UCSB and a MS in Leadership from Northeastern University. She draws on her extensive knowledge of the body and energy medicine to promote healing in her clients on physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels.

Meghan Smith

Mindfulness, Meditation & Reiki

    Meghan Trask Smith is an iBme certified mindfulness meditation teacher. She has maintained a consistent meditation practice for the last six years and has been incorporating mindfulness into her English classes at Lawrence Academy since 2016. In addition to teaching English and mindfulness, Meghan is pursuing her MFA in poetry. She has two young children that reveal the benefits of mindfulness through their own luminous presence.

    Meghan believes that attention to the connections between body, mind, thoughts, and emotions can bring powerful change to the way we relate to our loved ones, our community, and the world as a whole. She will be offering group mindfulness classes, evening meditations, and 1-on-1 Mindfulness sessions. Meghan also practices Reiki, and will complete her Reiki II in July 2018.