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Trained and Certified Healers. Collaborative Care in a Safe Space. Healing Touch.


Energy Healing Therapies

Energy Medicine (90 minute session, $150 initial session, $120 follow up sessions) - As practiced by Sheila Peters, is based on Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, and other Somatic Coaching techniques, as well as balancing acupressure points, meridians, and chakras. Sheila employs hands-on protocols that include muscle testing and correcting, tapping and touching body points, repairing the biofield, and guided movement and breathing exercises. Energy Medicine re-balances and centers a person’s energy systems, releasing blockages, so that the body begins to heal itself. Clients report feeling more relaxed and grounded with lowered physical and emotional pain after treatment. They often feel their session has been quite transformative. Sheila also incorporates the powerful healing inherent in essential oils and crystals into the session, which is uniquely tailored to each individual. Clients should dress in comfortable clothing that they can easily move in. Specific areas that may be addressed, although each client may have additional areas they would like to work on:

• Reduce anxiety • Calm the nervous system • Alleviate stress and pain • Improve concentration and comprehension

• Increase vitality • Strengthen the immune system • Boost Heart Health • Cancer and surgery support

• Emotional issues/blocks • Major life transitions: births, deaths, marriage, divorce, retirement, etc.

Reiki Healing with Reiki Provider Meghan Smith (75 minute session, $65) Each person has the ability to heal themselves. Reiki is an energetic healing modality that works on both a physical and emotional level to help release blocks so the body can engage in its own process of becoming well. It uses either light touch or no touch to balance out the major organ systems of the body. Reiki energy work can help with stress relief, illness or pain.

Reiki Healing with Reiki Master Clara Diebold  (75 minute session, $85) - Reiki is a gentle, nurturing form of hands-on healing. The Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit for universal energies that balance the entire system and support the healing process. Reiki is an excellent complementary method for many conditions, and can also be used independently for health maintenance and stress management. A session involves light touch with the client fully clothed, and is generally performed on a bodywork table. Most people find Reiki to be very pleasant and relaxing.