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Essential Oils Education and Coaching

Essential Oils Classes - Basic and Advanced classes available.

Essential Oil Coaching- As practiced by Holistic Health Coach and Young Living Essential Oils Advocate Annemarie Nagle, is coaching that helps bring about a greater understanding of essential oils - their various uses and applications in your health, home, and family. An initial 60 minute visit will help you with using essential oils to address any immediate concerns or gain a fuller understanding of your existing stock of essential oils. Follow up visits will have you developing a greater understanding of the holistic benefits of utilizing essential oils in everyday life for yourself, your family, your pets, and your home.

Initial Holistic Essential Oils Coaching

60 minute session, $75

Private Coaching Packages

3 Sessions - 60 minutes each - $220

6 Sessions - 60 minutes each - $400

12 Sessions - 60 minutes each - $800