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Movement and Yoga

Movement Medicine (60 minute session, $125. 30 minute session, $70) - Movement Medicine as designed by Exercise Scientist and Yogini Kate Hamm helps you live better in your body through a mix of holistic techniques and modalities to reduce pain, improve posture, and increase performance. Sessions will begin with a few movement check-ins to determine areas that have restricted range of motion and to create an individualized program that looks at the body as a whole and not as parts. Expect use of the Roll Model® therapy balls to aid in the massage and release of over active muscles, subtle exercises to awaken underactive muscles, and Breath work to calming the nervous system to create longer lasting results. Movement Medicine is geared for all individuals to help you accomplish your goals, whether it is for a competitive sport or life wellness.

Stretch and Body Awareness with Sheila Peters (60 minute session, $120) - This class is for everyone, especially those that are returning to movement classes or have injuries. Using stretch and movement techniques and melding them with energy medicine principles and exercises, this class helps students become profoundly aware of their bodies. By focusing deeply on individual muscles and joints and their relationships, students gain an understanding that will improve posture, increase flexibility, and create well-being. This class can be private or semi-private for up to 2 people.

One on One Yoga (60 minute session, $75) - This one-on-one class gives you personal, individual attention that is ideal for a beginner, or for someone who would prefer to learn outside of a large class environment, or for someone with specific injury or illness that could use hands on, private instruction.